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Queensland Rail Award and Agreements

On 28 August 2014, a Full Bench of the Commission made a Modern Award titled Queensland Rail Award - State 2014 operative as from 28 April 2014. See Decision

The Rail Industry Award 2010 is repealed on and from 28 April 2014 subject to the provisions of s 824 of the Industrial Relations Act 1999.


New legislation entitled Queensland Rail Transit Authority Act 2013 (the Act) commenced on 3 May 2013, establishing a new statutory authority named the Queensland Rail Transit Authority (QRTA), transferring certain Queensland Rail employees to the QRTA.

[NOTE:  From 3 June 2013 QRTA is known as Queensland Rail]

The Act provides protections for employee entitlements and clarifies the application of certain provisions of the Industrial Relations Act 1999 (IR Act) on the QRTA and its employees.  Provisions under the Act include that a reference in a dispute resolution clause to the Fair Work Commission (FWC) is taken to be a reference to the QIRC.

The commencement of the Act resulted in various federal industrial instruments covering employees of QRTA to be transferred to the QIRC's jurisdiction.

The Queensland Rail Award - State 2003 made under the IR Act was repealed on 3 May 2013.

The following award made by the FWC was taken to be an award made under the IR Act:

The following documents have not been officially published and have been provided exclusively for information purposes only:


The following agreements have been certified under the IR Act since 3 May 2013:

CA Number




CA/2013/71 Queensland Rail Traincrew Certified Agreement 2013 21/10/13 2009

Certain enterprise agreements made under the Fair Work Act 2009 became certified agreements made under the IR Act.

Federal agreements which have not yet been replaced by an agreement certified by the QIRC are as follows:

Certified Agreements made under the IR Act which applied to Queensland Rail employees before 3 May 2013, which may not have been terminated or replaced under the IR Act, ceased to operate from 3 May 2013.

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