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Industrial Agreements

For legislative reasons, Industrial Agreements have not been able to be amended since 1997. This has resulted in many Industrial Agreements containing terms that are obsolete.

On 12 September 2003 the Industrial Registrar notified industrial organisations that the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission had decided to embark on a review of Industrial Agreements.

Subsequently the Commission under section 317(2) of the Act started proceedings of its own initiative relating to the intention to declare Industrial Agreements obsolete and for the provisions of Industrial Agreements to be accommodated in other industrial instruments. On 30 June 2004 the Full Bench handed down its decision.

To view the decision, statement of policy, practice note for awards, practice note for industrial agreements, sample award and final decision.

Parties to Industrial Agreements have until 28 February 2005 to take some action to have an Industrial Agreement made into a new Award, incorporated into an existing Award or included in a Certified Agreement. Where no action has been taken by that date, the Commission will require the parties to an Industrial Agreement to justify the continuation of that agreement. An Industrial Agreement will be declared obsolete unless the parties are able to provide compelling reasons for the continuation of the agreement and a timetable for incorporating its terms into another industrial instrument.

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Lists of existing industrial agreements.

Industrial Agreement Lists

Industrial Agreements by Agreement Title

Traineeship Agreements

Lists of industrial agreements declared obsolete since 10 December 2003.

Industrial Agreements Declared Obsolete

QGIG 05/12/2003

QGIG 19/12/2003

QGIG 23/01/2004

QGIG 13/02/2004

QGIG 11/06/2004

QGIG 10/09/2004

List of Industrial Agreements which have been repealed and a new Award made.

Repeal and new Award List

List of Industrial Agreements repealed and new Award made

Please note that where multiple Unions are parties to an Industrial Agreement the Union shown as the major party is that which is listed first in the Agreement.

The Union names have been updated to reflect those presently used. Where amalgamations have occurred the name of the Union shown as a party is the presently registered Union and not necessarily the one that originally made the Agreement.

Please click on the link to view the Final Decision - Review of Industrial Agreements (B686 of 2004)

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