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Review of Superannuation Industrial Agreements and Enterprise Flexibility Agreements

As part of its statutory obligations to ensure the currency of industrial instruments the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission undertook a review of the status of Industrial Agreements providing for occupational superannuation and Enterprise Flexibility Agreements (EFAs).

A search of the Commission's records showed that approximately 135 Superannuation Industrial Agreements and 30 EFAs remained current.

Intention to Declare Obsolete

All Superannuation Industrial Agreements and EFAs will be declared obsolete from 21 May 2007. This action is being taken by the Industrial Registrar pursuant to s. 699 of the Industrial Relations Act 1999. A notice to this effect appears in the Queensland Government Industrial Gazette on 2 March 2007. [PDF 21kB]

Superannuation Industrial Agreements

The list of Superannuation Industrial Agreements that remain on the Commission's records can be found below. This list contains:

Click here to view the Superannuation Industrial Agreements List [PDF 55kB]

Enterprise Flexibilty Agreements

The list of Enterprise Flexibility Agreements that remain on the Commission's records can be found below. This list contains:

Click here to view the Enterprise Flexibility Agreements List [PDF 19kB]

Names of Industrial Organisation

The names of industrial organisations have been updated to reflect those presently used. Where amalgamations have occurred the name of the organisation shown as a party is the presently registered organisation and not necessarily the organisation that originally made the Agreement.

The names of the employer parties shown on both lists have been updated to give the currently available name of the employer where this has been found.

Requirement to File an Objection Notice

Where a party considers that a Superannuation Industrial Agreement or an EFA should not be declared obsolete it is required to file an objection notice in the Industrial Registry by close of business on 30 April 2007. The notice of objection must state the reasons the Industrial Agreement or EFA should be continued.

Where an objection is filed the Commission will hear and determine that objection.

No action is required where a party does not object to an Agreement being made obsolete.

Any enquiries may be directed to Keith Feldhahn on 3227 6520 or email.

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